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Auto Repair services

Bringing you the perfect balance between being ripped off and overcharged on the one end and dishonesty, cheap, poor quality parts and service on the other end – by complimenting your pocket with a job very well done the first time round!!! 

Torque Rats Auto is a owner managed, motor garage.

Gideon performs services, engine work/engine swaps, clutch – , cam belt replacing and all other general repairs and maintenance work.

Private, company and fleet cars and bakkies.

Auto Repairs

Diagnose and repair all vehicle faults. We only use quality parts to ensure maximum life span and performance. We do not replace parts if it is not necessary.


We have high tech diagnostic equipment suitable for all makes. We have the required experience and equipment to properly diagnose a vehicle fault correctly the first time.

Fleet maintenance

Fleet maintenance is the process of keeping your vehicles operating in a good enough condition so that they are safe, reliable and can stay on the road longer. 

Quality Car Repair Services

Gideon has clients that had been with him since 1994. We officially opened our own workshop, full time in 2012!!

He is a phenomenal technician. In 1993 Williams Hunt, Randburg gave him the honourable rank of: TROUBLE SHOOTER SA – (from anywhere in South Africa; once people gave up all hope in diagnosing the problem on a DELTA make of vehicle, Opels, Chevs, Isuzu etc. the vehicle gets towed to Randburg for Gideon to diagnose and repair) – where he worked until 2001.

His technical, diagnostic and mechanical knowledge is truly remarkable.


Therefore – if exceptional quality workmanship, background knowledge and skill is what you are after….then indeed – look no further! 

☆We collect and deliver your vehicles from and to work or home 

☆Owner managed business, the owner is the only person who does the repair to/services of and or do maintenance work on your vehicles! 

☆Our “never have a come-back” motto (things which is often the result of bad quality parts, poor workmanship, misdiagnosis, human negligence etc.) is of much higher value and importance to us; opposed to beating ALL quotes to give you the cheapest job…never end yourself with the bitter after taste of “goedkoop koop is duur koop” – but I will never rip you off! 

Gideon would not be operating so successfully over 8 years solo now if his pricing was not still reasonable and affordable!! 

A-CARD QUALIFIED Motor Mechanic 1990.

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Exceptional diagnostic and mechanical knowledge, skills and 32 years mechanical EXPERTISE!